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” Time To Rewind Time ”

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Current Update: We have had some delays due to suppliers and manufacturing. We will now plan our launch for the “New Year” to share great joy the New Year will bring to us all.

Beautifully Renewable LLC would like to thank you for your patience and supportive forces during this delayed “startup beginning”. All great things take “time & patience”. Suzanne Michaels


Minus Twenty .essence💕

Yes, the background picture cluster above is me today 69 + 💕

45 Years of research -(Shown, 50 ml w/ gold beauty spatula and velour gift bag.)
Minus Twenty. essence ™ launch to the. essence of inner beauty. My 45 years of beauty research and development brought me here for “you” at 69 + with my specifically developed Minus Twenty. essence™. Many creams claim repair for skin with false claims with planned designed retouch results when, it simply isn’t true for any “quick fix” to last because it’s not fixing the core of the damage or the under bridge. 🤷‍♀️

We all have damages in some form to address, sun damage and natural nature elements are some.

What you will see with Minus Twenty .essence ™😉
Your “own personal changes” as you use 💕Minus Twenty .essence™ is what you will see. Giving you tone, a inner repair of the deepening layers of your own skin. Soften and help reduce lines and wrinkles as your skin responds to application.
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Beautifully Renewable Minus Twenty
Super Serum 30 ml

Special Note: Free eye and neck trial samples with every 50ml G / 30ml G order of the minus twenty .essence, to try our super serum, ( above picture super serum has added ingredients to assist in texture and old damage needs ) lavender facial essence, and eye .essence with exciting tools for contamination control.

Today…. 2021
My skin shows no surgeries, no Botox, but a proven ingredient mixture use I applied daily. I created this 45 years ago and I use it daily morning and evening – ( I also spot target areas from outside natural element causes ). Year after year I have used my formula I created and still, I have no wrinkles, crows, or deep frown creases. Must be a good formula after 45 years? You can too, to win the “wrinkle war”. 👍
As you can see, we are “simply not one skin texture fits all”. I have never seen any media, or voice in cosmetics say we are different skin cores and different needs. Every consumer is given the idea that all ingredients work the same on every skin core, that, simply isn’t true either. To push untruths simply isn’t my style, my own skin is the proof of my “skin care formula”. Differences are true, skin core is the same, lifetime damages are a variation that needs required application “on our own individual need and preference of care”. 😉

Term: The term “.essence” for me, is concentrated exclusive ingredients, it’s with a concentration of specific ingredients that I found to improve the core of our needs to build the under core strengths of our skin. Plus, skin layers absorb differently for us all so I tested differences in skin layers absorbing through my documented scientific research and my personal testing and at various times and selective years.

  • Needs: My discovery not only helped my skin stay “wrinkle free” but kept my depth core strong to support age changes.
  • Tips: Tiny tips are in with each jar on how to “personalize your applications to your needs“. We all have special needs and at times less is more helpful.
  • Your Use: Then again, more might equal out our stressful day drainage of our skin needs. So, I say “personalize our skin essence” and needs.

Understanding Life Cycles: In our lifetime the under bridge of our skin brings change, our looks and surface texture change simply from our life changes and our daily life experiences. Rewinding time on our skin is possible, to ease lines and damages to our own “personal level” once we understand our “own needs”.

Our skin layers begin with a smooth texture that needs nourishment and care from the outside to our inside core. We need awareness, and solid proof of use to support results we want.

My beauty discovery began….1967

My studying began going to beautician school to be a beautician, I wanted my own beauty shop, and to start my own skin care line and hair products. Studying the skin, and the muscles of the skin gave me great insight to the needs of our skin, to prevent and maintain a beautiful complexion.
Me in my twenties, little did I know I was setting my pace for my future with my formula. I wanted my skin to stay beautiful and I was going to find a way.
  • My Purpose: In my youth, as a teenager, I didn’t see myself needing to be into a glamour girl but “then” at 17 I was more like “the ugly duckling” learning life and observing “the beauty culture around me“. But as I got older my personal skin care changed, and I began my journey into discovering skin needs.
  • Deep Muscles: The deep muscles and skin tissue along with the eye area needs. Our eye area has a circular muscle, orbicularis oculi that is our strength around our eye core needing long term care. I found studying the facial muscles, skin and deep layers gave me insight to the needs and changing age elements.
Studying using lots of books, ( no internet back in 1970 ) the eye area gave me insight to the exact muscles and how Minus Twenty .essence controlled my eye area to prevent crows feet, sagging eye lids and eye bags on me. Treatment on the orbicularis oculi also treats the circular orbital skin that pulls in the skin of the forehead and cheek areas that draws into the nose. Giving this area attention and special care shows how the muscle can be controlled to not give way to crows feet, sagging eye lids, and bags under the eyes.
  • Discovery: My beginning interest in ingredients started in my science class in school. Science always was my peak interest, and this branched off onto beauty ingredients when in my 20’s. On my discovery I was reading all kinds of books on skin care, ingredients, use, and safety in blending and skin application. What tight skin was, and how to possibly maintain it. We didn’t have the internet so it was books, and more books and this took time. ( I loved to read ).
Me in my thirties, keeping my direction and focus on my formula. I was on the right path, and my studies and ingredients were proving me on the right path.
With age, pollution, and exposure to the elements we have a surface breakdown beginning with surface changes and wrinkles defining our under chambers under the skin line.
  • Current Goal : Core Strength: This leads me here, I found with many differences in skin texture and tone simply wasn’t the key, there was a need of skin ingredients, oils, and special ingredients to bring luster, strength and tone together for the “core” of our structure.
  • This is how: I formed my own skin cream ingredients to go deep into my skin core and keep wrinkles and creases at bay to fight the wrinkle “war. I kept crows feet from forming plus laugh lines and forehead creases by understanding deep need was the key. In 1970 it was clear using clay masks, ice facials, and egg whites, many ingredients with cleaning “softly” not scrub a dub was a plus but not enough. Understanding the muscles and functions along with the needs of skin layers and absorbency during all age time frames also helped me. In my 30’s to my 50’s😉I found I needed more skin rich elements and the need for it to take hold longer and then brought moisturizing ingredients into the fold of my formula. 👌Understanding the under bridge structure of our skin, what the skin needs and performance from these discoveries was a major finding. My skin kept its bridge strengths, and my surface texture stayed youthful from my 30’s into my 60′s. I was on a grand path to keeping and not loosing any of my core beauty and strengths.
Skin “structure is the same”, our core is the same. The way we replenish this core is the key. We need to repeat our replenishment as we do our body system needs. The core under our skin, needs replenishment, from stress, sun damage, everyday drainage of our natural resources in our system. This was my discovery, to keep wrinkles at bay. Ingredients that go to the core of our needs, to strengthen our bridge under our top layers.
  • Development: I used old fashioned mixing, and heated ingredients from solid to liquid to mix well. I have maintained my skin regimen with Minus Twenty .essence™ use for over 45 years. 💕
  • My goal: helping others have a chance at helping their skin maintain their core of inner beauty, with a secret to a beautiful skin outcome throughtheir lifetimeas I did... and “still do”.

My Gift: I look forward to bringing to you shortly Minus Twenty. essence™ and you can use personally to fit your needs“, recommended to use on a daily basis. (Results vary from skin core and application time frame) Using your needs as a guide, as I have for over 45 years in its creation. I want you to be “beautifully satisfied with your use“. My goal from the beginning was to “help us all beautify our core”.

  • A Special Message: From Suzanne Michaels: We are launching our special packages. Some full product circle of beauty care, some you can try before you buy.
  • Start today, protecting, replenishing, caring and structuring your core. In years ahead you will be ” so happy with your look, as I am today notlooking my age“. Skin that shows 45 years of proof, Minus Twenty. essence™ is a key to our future beauty structure. Don’t be fooled by the “quick fix” or 8 hour layered mask. These are not a deepening changes structured for your skin needs.
  • Ordering Launch coming soon. (after 02/ 14/ 2022)
  • Minus Twenty. essence ™ (special intro for birthday and “simply for you” gifts too.) Improvements come from recommended daily use and your skin needs. (With recommended application and your skin needs. It takes time and dedication to your skin “needs”, minus twenty. essence gives you the fighting “edge”.)
Me in my late 60’s showing my 45 years of proof with no wrinkles, frown lines, or eye bags. Look at the other pictures on the blog and see the year changes but my skin gets better and better. Now at 69+ its “grand”, I enjoy the “wow” “No way” your 69+.!!!.

At my age, 69+ 😉 I am grateful for my discovery, thankful I had the ability to create 45 years ago. But now its time to bring into the light, it’s just me, wanting you to be the best visual you possible. I enjoy it still, and now it’s my turn to share my formula with you.😉💕💕 ( Click the follow link or fill out the email connect ) ✔😉👌 Don’t miss out on a great product simply “for you“.

I am Dedicated to beautiful discoveries…. Suzanne Michaels ©™ 💖 ( read about me 😉on the creator page of this site) . 💕💕💕

©Copyright 2021 – 25 Beautifully Renewable LLC Ocean, NJ All Rights Reserved

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