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Beauty 50 ml w/ gold beauty spatula and velour gif bag.

Help me to know your “beauty journey“.

Always, 💕💕Suzanne Michaels

At 69 I get asked, “seriously your 69”? No way……....😉

If I can help with any beauty tips and experiences from my journey through time, I am here to help. 😉 If your a “minus twenty .essence™” beauty customer, tell me your thoughts….I will always reply and help. 💖 Our lifetime of knowledge gives us an ability to help others if possible. This is my goal 🙂 Our core of our beauty like this header picture shows the complex formation of our skin…. lets explore. 😉

Gift set 50 ml – 30 ml w/ gold beauty spatula.

About Beauty and Minus Twenty .essence ™ Tips & Hidden Treasures

Welcome: to the Beauty Blog of Minus Twenty .essence©™ Suzanne Michaels the creator of Minus Twenty .essence™. My journey began early, about my early 20’s I wanted to look good in my 40’s through my 60’s and life. Our skin goes deep, our supportive structure is vital to build onto. I began my ingredient search to find the right mix, and not a cream but an essence formula I could know for sure “worked”. This I did!!! Research, (not internet hype) books, strong historical ingredient search, skin application testing. Research that today, proves the results are visual truth not a fix.

Several layers lay onto our inner bridge, we have many vital needs to supply our core. Our surface layers can breed bad elements too, so we need a shield to protect on a continuing basis. “A real shield layer we can replenish each day ” Minus Twenty Essence” can give us what we need. 😉

We will be giving you info on many issues defining skin, our types and layers that feel stress, and need replenishment. Looking deep into the “real core of our beautiful structure” 💕 where many companies and creams try to put a “one skin fits all label” and that simply isn’t true🤷‍♀️. I know this, because I tried many, and they all “failed the test of proof”. My skin, “shows proof, skin structure and nourishment is a human element we all share. The truth, isn’t uniform formula , it is “application” and “personal absorbing qualities“.

This blog is about sharing our stories, 😉our experiences and our beauty solutions. Sharing is a good feel, in the wrinkle war. ( Minus Twenty .essence™ )

Links below: to be active in – 2022

The study of facial muscles, skin and function and needs brought me to the discovery of Minus Twenty .essence™. Mixture of certain ingredients, heating and mixing each phase, testing on my own skin in search for my own beauty essence to help me keep my 20’s skin into my 60 – 70’s. Looks like I came up with the “perfect solution” my own “fountain of youth”.

You deserve more than a quick temporary fix. 😒Tight skin for a moment or day isn’t what I wanted. I wanted to bring my own beauty out, and protect it. Lets bring yours “into the light” of Minus Twenty .essence™.💖

I look forward to our “Beautifully Renewable Skin Care Journey” together. 😉Let me know your thoughts……… Weekly beautiful thoughts and helpful tips will be posted beginning 2022. The New Year and beginning of your beautiful you…

My gift to you, bring your core of beauty forward: Suzanne 😉

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